About Kurzor

At Kurzor, team of skilled programmers and business experts provide bespoke solutions for your online projects. We take pride in the fact that our national and international clients value us for our expertise, reliability, cost-effectiveness and on-schedule delivery.

Our production began with websites, for which we developed unique workflow utilizing business experts, UX designers, graphic designers, copywriter and programmers. Integral in our service is the provision of advisory and analysis services on optimal integration of website to business process and customer flow.

As we grew we then started servicing an increasing client base including advertising agencies, who needed reliable programming solutions for their creative projects. Our growing relationship with our clients and our co-operation is proof of our commitment to one of our core principles of good programming craftsmanship and on-schedule delivery.

Today, we are able to produce and service complex web applications for utility management (B2B) or community portals (B2C). We also work with a range of international clients and co-operate within a number of global development teams.

What we do

Our core skills:

  • Application prototyping and testing
  • Programming
  • Responsive design
  • Online marketing analysis
  • Graphic design
  • UX design
  • Outsourcing & project management


Our programming skills

  • PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 with active use of OOP
  • Ruby on Rails 3.0+
  • HTML 5, CSS3, jQuery
  • vast range of new technologies including node.js, CoffeeScript, Sass...
  • existing application and database optimization
  • unit testing, Selenium, Cucumber
  • GIT / Mercurial in active use


Benefits of working with us

  • combination of business acumen and competencies in IT sector
  • 10+ year expertise in business analysis and
  • 15+ years expertise in computer science
  • flexible team of skilled programmers on-demand
  • skilled project managers with international outsourcing experience
  • frequent, clear and concise communication
  • only one time zone from Britain & Ireland, also available for US clients during their business hours
  • competitive prices



Desmond Spruijt, CEO of Mapping Worlds (NL)

Watch Desmond speak about his experiences with outsourcing PHP development to Czech. What he looks for, what metrics he evaluates and what is critical for success with outsourcing:

Link:   YouTube video

Having worked with a number of Development companies over the years, I have to say that without a doubt,Kurzor have genuinely exceeded our expectations. Initially when we commenced working with them we were working on a 1 project development piece. Since then we are now working with them as our core Development team and outsourced Technology oversight function. They also PM our team of developers in Asia. I have the highest regard for all of the people at Kurzor we work with and would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them.

Gavin O’Reilly, CEO of Barrow6, Director of Consulting Ireland


When I was setting up my venture and I needed a website, guys from Kurzor spent several weeks with me discussing the concept and the nature of the venture.  I was very impressed with their research into a complex subject and suggestions for the website and subsequent delivery. That was start of a long relationship with the guys from Brno since we will be using them for a lot more development work. I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of Kurzor for anyone from Britain and other countries.

Gautam Dhillon, Founder & CEO of The Treasury Outsourcing Company


Petr and his company Kurzor s.r.o. are doing web development and coding of all our websites and IT systems. For a long time we have been searching for a company to which we could outsource our IT development and now we maintain a long-term partnership with Kurzor as they are absolutely best in terms of quality and on-time delivery, for a reasonable price. It's a company you can count on for delivering great results

Vladimir Sandera, optimist and international entrepreneur


Cooperation with Kurzor yielded results far beyond our expectations. Number of orders and revenue continue to grow and our business flourishes. Average increase in revenues is 138 % by year, conversions are up by almost 100 %.

Alena Antalova, co-owner of Mojechaty, largest portal for retreat housing in Czech

For full list of our projects, write to peter@kurzor.net


Location, location, location

Kurzor is located in Brno

You know what realtors always say… The same applies to our city. Brno has only 400.000 inhibitants, but boasts as center for some of the most well known copanies in region, mainly from IT sector.

Brno is currently housing: IBM, Red Hat, NetSuite, SolarWinds, AVG, Avast, Infosys, 2K, Acer, GigaByte technology, Honeywell Controls, FEI, Siemens, Minolta, Daikin Industries, Lufthansa, Accenture, Monster and many more.

There are several technical universities in Brno, which offer vast selection of skilled engineers. Kurzor is able to provide cooperation with them on more complex projects or for R&D activities, based on public private partnership or contracting specialist. 



We don’t believe in hour rate comparison. What one developer completes in five relatively cheap hours, other might do in just one slightly more expensive hour. If you’d like to get an estimate for your project, just contact us and see for yourself. You might be surprised :-)

If you have more complex project lasting several months and demanding bigger team, then typical monthly outsourcing cost for software developer in Czech republic is from  Ł2.000 / €2.700 / $3.500 and up depending on seniority.