Understanding what Core Web Vitals means

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The keywords Core Web Vitals are around for some time, and yet there is still significant confusion over what they mean exactly. Therefore I tried to explain it to non-technical people, using official Google documentation as a source. Full article published on medium.com.

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Given how often we see misunderstanding regarding the Core Web Vitals (CWV), I decided it would be worthwhile to have an easy-to-use guide to it. I noticed there are plenty of explanations you can find just by googling on the topic, but most of them are targetting tech-savvy users and developers. Even the official Google documentation falls into that category: it actually starts in an accessible and generic way, and ends up with snippets of JavaScript code.

That's why I decided to publish my piece called Understanding what Core Web Vitals means on medium.com. In it, I focus on the following topics:

  • What is Core Web Vitals - obviously hard to continue without explaining the biggest question first.
  • The scores - how to interpret the CWV as performance results.
  • LCP, FID, CLS - the 3 CWV criteria into more depth, with a special focus on the potential optimizations.
  • What are the benefits - in other words, why should you care?
  • How to check the CWV - an illustrated how-to for beginners, using real-world tools.

Feel free to check the full article.

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