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We have 15 years of experience with website development and can create everything from small microsites up to large portals. There are several typical scenarios in which we work with international clients:

  • Front-end coding. You have complete graphic design ready and backend is developed, but you lack the skills or time to complete the front-end coding. We are able to work with various systems, like WordPress, Pimcore or custom CMS choices.
  • Back-end development. You have the resources to come up with a complete website including graphics and front-end coding, but need an experienced senior developer to work on your backend. We are able to help you with many scenarios, including PHP or Node.js-based systems.
  • Complete website. You have your business to run and no idea about how to make a website. Smart decision is to hire experts to create your website. We can provide you with a business analyst, UX specialist, graphic designer, coder, developer and a content specialists to build exactly what you need.

Kurzor is an established website development company you can trust.

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