Web Design

Web Design is the art of creating websites. Websites and the underlying technologies exist and evolve since the year 1989. Today, it is usual to use CMS (Content Management System) to power up the website and manage its content, leaving Front-end developers to concentrate on the site design.


Web Design today

  • Is based on HTML5 specification

  • Uses CSS3 with many modern perks such as animations, flexible layouts, gradients etc.

  • Focuses greatly in cross-device and cross-browser performance of the website.

Web Design Flow

  • UX/UI design - should define and plan what the website must achieve and how.

  • Graphics design - making graphics design based on branding of the client, taking into respect the UX/UI design outputs

  • Web coding - the process of converting graphics design into the website, done by front-end developer.

Important considerations in Web Design


    Responsive websites

    The art of making websites work on as many recent devices as possible, retaining the basic attributes of the website such as usability and readability, while adhering to the graphics design.


    Choice of CMS

    Choosing the proper CMS is essential in the early stages of the project and the requirements and limitations of the client play an important role here.

  • Site Performance

    More important than ever, your website needs to be fast to show up quickly. Otherwise search engines will penalize you in the search results.

Kurzor and Web Design

Kurzor started as a Web Design company and we have experienced Front-end developers for hire.

One of our core services is creating websites.

We talk more about Front-end technologies we employ in the Tech Stack.

Our Portfolio contains some beautiful websites.

We talk about Web Design on our Blog:


Need help with Web design?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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