Front-end is the term coined for the user-facing part of the web application or a website. It is essentially the “look and feel” interface of your online system that is publicly available, while the business logic is in most cases hidden under the backend part.

What is Front-end in web development

  • The product of a web front-end are HTML pages that are served by the web server to the user’s browser.

  • HTML pages use Cascading Style Sheets for styling and JavaScript for dynamic behaviour.

  • Front-end developer, sometimes called Web coder, is responsible for this part of the project.

Front-end is usually associated with


    Web Design

    The art of crafting websites or web application interfaces.


    Responsive Website

    Ability of a website or web application to function properly on a wide range of devices and screen sizes, retaining functionality, informational value and design guidelines.

  • JavaScript

    The default programming language that the browser understands and uses it to introduce dynamic behaviour into otherwise static HTML pages.

Front-end and Kurzor

We offer dedicated front-end developers for hire for your projects.

Front-end is inherently a part of our core services, from designing websites to creating web applications.

A range of front-end technologies we use are listed in our Tech Stack.

Our JavaScript and Websites portfolios are heavily front-end related.

Need help with front-end?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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