JavaScript - The Programming Language

JavaScript is a programming language conforming with the ECMAScript specification. First introduced in 1995, it was intended to perform dynamic behaviour on websites. Nowadays, it is a far encompassing language which has its applications in all key areas of web development of today. It is a default programming language supported by browsers.


Features of JavaScript

  • Latest ECMAScript specification is a very powerful language with a lot of modern approaches and paradigms.

  • While most of the browsers have built-in support for JavaScript, the depth of support generally varies, which makes transpilers a viable technology.

  • JavaScript on the server is available via Node.js interpreter.


  • JavaScript is easy to learn for beginners as you require no software tools other than your browser to start.

  • Today’s implementation of JavaScript in browsers or Node.js is very fast and optimized.

  • The sheer amount of tools and libraries available in JavaScript is unmatched by any other language.


  • Complexity of a development setup in JavaScript is sometimes demanding, given the number of options to work with.

  • JavaScript is at the root of many security issues, as it is executing code directly in the user’s browser.

Built with JavaScript

JavaScript and Kurzor

We have JavaScript developers for hire.

Our Tech Stack contains many tools based on JavaScript.

While most of the projects in our Portfolio do use JavaScript, there are several examples that are built on JavaScript completely. 


JavaScript is also a frequent topic for our blog articles:

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