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As for design In Kurzor, we offer the whole package: understanding the visitors and goals of a website or web application helps us to suggest the best approach, for which we provide the final graphics design.

The UX part: understanding and prototyping your project

While you might see us as a bunch of IT guys, Kurzor was actually formed around the idea of tightly integrating UX to all web-based projects. This is embedded in our core mission: “To invent and produce online solutions which bring ease and joy to users.

Our UX process can be simplified in three steps:

  • Collecting information goals of the project and the target audience,
  • digesting findings from client research, user testing, marketing department,
  • producing quick prototypes in an online form as soon as possible.

What we can’t do (but we team with successful specialized partners on):

  • user research,
  • online strategy,
  • marketing decisions.

Handing over the UX results, we make sure to keep the following traits:

  • Your goals first. Everything is centered around the project being successful. Users need to be understood, but we cannot let them rule.
  • Avoiding over-analysis. Theory is nice, but time is limited. We prototype quickly and in a visually effective way.
  • Iterative process. Based on the nature of your project, we are able to split it into steps and implement them based on priority.

The design part: crafting the eye-candy version

As designers are concerned, we cooperate with well-established professionals on a project basis. Having a variety of choices allows us to adapt well to different business cases of our clients. Sometimes your project demands more creativity, sometimes it is more conservative - we make sure to provide the best fitting designer for that project.

We make sure our design ticks the following checkboxes:

  • Functional - web design is not a benevolent form of art, it is first and foremost a craft. We offer a whole process of integrating obtained UX results into your final graphics design.
  • Respecting the client's brand - we make sure our designers have branding experience and can produce design manuals - so you don’t have to ask them to follow brand rules.
  • Clean and minimalistic - following typography standards, being true advocate of the “Keep It Simple Stupid” rule.

We focus on providing a dialogue between a designer and the client, with us standing in the middle and keeping an eye on the UX / Goal / project criteria being followed. And thorough internal reviews from our side help to avoid mistakes being handed over to the client.

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