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Newton Europe


  • Pimcore CMS with Contentful integration
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • ElasticSearch
  • Tailor-made front-end with modern and performance approaches
  • Docker

Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement. We covered technical part of development of their new website via our partner, Elegant Digital. New site uses Pimcore CMS as a backbone, with Contentful (content-as-a-service) for ease of client content management. Large effort has been put into the infrastructure and CI/CD automation to tackle many situations traditionally occuring while running enterprise websites like this. We use multiple environments and do auto syncing between them, allow safe production deployment with quick restore capability etc.

Second area with equally high importance is front-end, which has been tailor-made from client-provided designs, with focus in visual dynamics, responsiveness and performance. For that purpose we use very latest innovations in browser features to accomplish the best possible outcome.

Lucion Services


  • Pimcore
  • Multisite

Another website for our UK partner Elegant Digital, Lucion Services, is essentially a result of a larger effort by Elegant Digital to upgrade the online presence of the client. The site itself is a Pimcore CMS build, using a multi-site model to manage content for 6 independent domains, each for a section of the client’s business model. It was purposely created to employ as many features existing in Pimcore as possible, to gain the advantages of performance, security and support for future extensions.

The site was built in cooperation with the design team of Awesome Creative. Interesting attributes are connectivity to Pipedrive for CRM purposes, Google Hire, or Teamtailor integration for the applicant tracking.



  • Pimcore
  • e-commerce

We were asked to build a new e-shop for a leading Czech company in the field of electrical engineers training. The original site was outdated, maintenance was expensive and there was not good integration with other LPE systems and processes.

We extended their Master Data Management system and used it as a primary data source. The main goal of this e-commerce site was to offer its own publications and training courses to be purchased. The web page contains various presentation pages where the company and products are introduced.

Davanti PIM Data Source


  • Pimcore
  • PIM
  • data aggregation
  • e-commerce

For a leading UK tyre retailer, we implemented a site to manage products of different brands. We obtained the data from their all-in-one Business Management System specifically designed for the Tyre Trade. Data can be enriched by admin with additional data assets, texts and attributes.

The administrator can export the data feed to the Magento site. We also implemented an API for bidirectional exchange of data between the PIM system and Magento sites.



  • Pimcore
  • AWS

Maturikon is our in-house project aimed to help high-school students with the “Maturita” exam (Czech version of SAT). As the exam is defined state-wide and has predictable topics for the Czech language subject, we joined forces with enthusiastic teachers to create a set of online study materials, featuring new and unique content.

The application then allows the students to test their knowledge interactively, using question types matching the ones in the state exam. Which should in turn prepare them well for the actual test.

The project is currently in the beta stage, being tested on selected schools and student bases, and we aim to extend it to support more content and subjects in the future.

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