Complex Websites and Web Apps

We provide team of experts from various fields for successful web app development: information architecture, interface design, graphic design, web coding, PHP application development, UX, etc.

Our development team utilizes all of these skills or only selected ones in case when you already have several of them on your team.

After trying native Symfony apps and different systems we ended with Pimcore as the best system to build scalable complex websites and apps. It is a leading platform for any digital data and customer experience trusted by more than 100000 businesses all around the world.

Three main reasons for complex websites development in Pimcore with Kurzor

  • Kurzor is recognized as a Pimcore Silver partner which gives us access to the latest training materials, plugins, and news.
  • Our programmers are having extensive training in Pimcore development and enterprise technologies which is proven by the Pimcore developer certificate.
  • We have a multi year experience of building sites for companies of various sizes and business fields.

Quality of development matters

Average user won't be able to tell a difference between well developed web applications and bad ones once he is looking at fully loaded page. It's owner will feel the difference though. Web applications development is done well, when it is:

  • safe - risk of hackers stealing your database or abusing your internal information is limited
  • fast - every extra second of page loading can erase precious percentages from your conversion rate
  • scalable - you can add extensions and more features to your application while it stays stable, fast and performs well

Our process

We utilize standardized process of development for every web application which is proven and tested with many years of experience. Development starts with basic written description of the application from our customer. Next phase is delivery of interactive wireframes which is important input for detailed technical specification including description of used framework, extensions, libraries, etc... which completes preparation works for programming.

Quality and scalability

Quality and scalability of the code is our main focus. Code reviews and pair programming is therefore our standard practise to ensure we eliminated any possible mistakes or errors. Other equally important feature are automatic acceptation and unit tests which guarantee sustainability and consistency of the code. Tests are run after any code change to check correct function of business critical features of the web application. We also offer web application penetration testing.

After launch

We usually further enhance and upgrade the web application after launch. We offer various web application services like improvement of conversion rate, user experience, speed optimization and any other important features which are made after experiences from first weeks of running, together with data from tools like Google Analytics.

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