UX/UI Design

With the growing popularity of online interaction, it matters more than ever to design these interfaces properly. Gaining popularity and traction after the year 2000, UX/UI design is now a respected field that accompanies every successful product.

Basic UX/UI Design principles

  • Products are designed for people to help them achieve their goals. If this goal is also your business objective, both sides win.

  • A lot of the effort is in trying to see the situation from the user's perspective.

  • Outputs of the process are usually in the form of wireframes describing the website or web application you are proposing.


  • Very popular - large developer base available
  • Ongoing development and support from Facebook
  • Fast, scalable and performance-optimized


  • Large number of architectural decisions makes React harder to master for new developers
  • Fast-paced progress requires developers to learn new things constantly

UX/UI related terms



    A mental model of a typical user of the website / application, represented by a fictional person. This helps the whole team to see the person they are creating the product for.



    Mockup design of the website / application, focused not in visual details, but rather composition, behaviour and logic. As it usually uses a technical blueprint style, hence “wires”.

  • Usability

    A measure of how well a specific user in specific context can use the designed product to achieve his/her goal efficiently.

  • Usability Testing 

    Testing a group of representative users to observe how well they succeed in using the developed product. Usually moderated and based on predefined scenarios the users follow.

Kurzor and UX/UI design

We offer basic UX/UI design as part of our core services, whether we develop Web Applications or Websites.

Our tech stack mentions tools for the UX/UI design.

Several websites in our portfolio had the initial step of UX/UI design provided by us.

We talk about UX/UI design on our Blog:


Need help with UX/UI?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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