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While front end development was always being kind of the younger cousin of big-name technologies, is actually an essential skill in the business of building something presentable on the web. There's also a web coder, who is actually a subset of front-end developers, focused on how the result looks.

Basic skillset overview

Let’s start with the skillset by which you recognize the good ones. Front end developer and web coder will always be familiar with:

  • HTML5 - perfect knowledge of it, including advanced elements such as <video> or <picture>.

  • CSS3 with all the modern perks, such as animations, flexbox, advanced background images, etc.

  • Responsive design - support of multiple devices depending on screen / control capabilities.

  • Adaptive design - serving different content to devices depending on their capabilities to conserve bandwidth, usually provided via JavaScript.

  • CSS toolkit - Less / Sass / Scss / Stylus, depending on your requirements and settings in the project,

  • A design eye - not for making the design by him- or herself, but to be able to fill in the blanks between the source PSD and the final graphics.

  • Essential JavaScript knowledge, to be able to power smaller pieces of the website independently from the rest of the team.

Advanced requirements

Modern responsive web design is not exactly what you call “pixel-perfect”, as no graphics designer is able to perfectly make a 100% design beforehand. The knowledge and general approach of the web coder are essential here, as he or she needs to figure a lot of stuff on their own.

Typically, you see these guys switching between a range of devices, always testing, always trying something new, fanatically informing you about how browser support has progressed regarding a new, cool feature. Experimentation and the will to try something new is important. Of course, the high focus must be maintained to keep your project safe and progressing.

Things a proper web coder deals with

Optimal scenarios for using our Web Coders:

  • A complete project that needs to be redesigned. Choose your designer to find out which ideas to use and sketch them. Our web coder will then hop in and implement these layouts into a working thing.

  • A new development that needs styling / templating work. Typically done on open-source CMS, but we also have experience in templates for custom back ends.

Web coding is usually employed in most of our projects.


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