Responsive website

A website is deemed to be responsive, when it “responds” to different devices and screen sizes by rearranging the contents to provide the best possible look for visitors. It does that with regards to maximal readability and usability, while simultaneously trying to retain the original graphic design of the site.

What does it mean to make website responsive

  • It is a specific craft that a good Front-end developer will possess.

  • It consists of testing various screen sizes and applying “breakpoints”.

  • Based on how a given device fits into a given breakpoint, different behaviour is applied.

  • It is usually much easier to make a site responsive in one dimension (screen width), than in both (width + height).

Terms related to Responsive websites


    Adaptive design

    Adaptive websites use techniques to recognize various devices and serve different content depending on their capabilities, rather than simple rearranging of existing content (as responsive websites do).


    Cross-browser compatibility

    While responsive websites seem to determine only between mobile / tablet / desktop environments, different browsers also should be taken into account and tested. This is often called cross-browser compatibility and there are tools to help with that.

  • Page Load Speed

    The more mobile a device is, the faster your website should load. So responsive websites do need to factor performance of the site into account and serve only content that is fitting to a given device.

Kurzor and responsive websites

We have great developers for hire who are experienced with Responsive websites.

One of our core services is creating websites, and Responsive is a big part of that.

We have topics touching Responsive websites on our Blog:


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