Technical analysis and consulting are suitable for both development teams and end users. Our developers make an objective assessment of the current solution, pin-point weaknesses, and propose improvements. Consulting is also suitable for those clients who want to assess the quality of the work delivered by another developer.

Assistance in development tenders

Are you planning to create a new web app and you want to tender it? We can help you:

  • define the particulars of the request for proposals and the terms and conditions of the tender,
  • select the potential bidders,
  • answer the bidders’ technical questions,
  • select the winning bid.

Differences in bids

Our experience shows that only a fraction of tenders for web applications is defined with enough detail and clarity. This causes the bids to often contain remarkable differences from the final result intended. One example is the fact that some developers correctly quote the price for automated testing, external code audit, project management etc., while bids from other developers may not include any of those services.

Security analysis

In 2013, the community around OWASP published a list of the 10 most frequent vulnerabilities of web projects. Unfortunately, the occurrence of vulnerabilities has not dropped over last few years; on the contrary, it has increased. The last report by Acunetix, a reputable IT security house, aggregating the results of vulnerability tests of 15,000 websites, has brought a number of alarming findings:

  • Of all the tests carried out, an incredible 87% websites contained medium severity vulnerabilities,
  • and 46% websites showed high severity vulnerability.

So in fact half the websites showed vulnerabilities that allowed a hacker to gain control of the administration or database, shut the website down or cripple it big time.

Our security analysis verifies the occurrence of the most frequent security holes on your websites. In this case, it is irrelevant whether your site is tailor made or based on free platforms such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Performance analysis

The purpose of this analysis is to identify fundamental short-comings. The contents can be summarized as follows:

  • a complex assessment of the website’s performance and potential
  • identification of problems in the presentation / application
  • proposed necessary changes and possible improvements

Tools used for performance analysis

The first step to analyze the performance of a web presentation is the application of freely available services. Google PageSpeed Insights and the analysis of the metrics produced is a good start. This service takes a measurement of the performance on both mobile and classic browsers. It delivers insights on user experience (UX) and website performance. We devise and propose modifications to the presentation to achieve the highest score possible.


Further tangible metrics can be analyzed based on data from Google Analytics (conversion targets, traffic, browsers). Data from Google Webmaster Tools can detect browser indexation errors as well as others detectable by Google bot. The main assumption of this analysis is to have at least one of these services active for a longer period of time with the proper settings.

An additional step over these semi-automated methods is an expert assessment performed by a programmer, coder or a web analytics specialist.

Technical solution analysis

There is a plethora of various internet services available on the British market as well as worldwide. They include free content management systems, invoicing, sending SMS or e-mails, cash management systems, aggregators of this or that and much more. It is difficult for a customer who lacks deeper technical skills to find his or her way through all of it.

Technical solution analysis is suitable if you want to integrate:

  • communication between an e-shop and a billing system,
  • API development to hook up a mobile application,
  • web-based SMS,
  • suitable and freely available content management system and its plug-ins to build an e-shop
  • any other third party service

The process we deploy is first to run a detailed analysis of the solutions available and then to select the most suitable one for a particular assignment. We outline the optimal technical implementation and estimate the time requirements. After this analysis, we can of course take care of the development itself.

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