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Kurzor developers are experienced specialists and we share some of their knowledge here. Articles are by definition more technically oriented, for information about our projects visit Portfolio, or see Testimonials from satisfied clients.

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Newton Europe


  • Pimcore CMS with Contentful integration
  • Gitlab CI/CD
  • ElasticSearch
  • Tailor-made front-end with modern and performance approaches
  • Docker

Newton is a UK-based specialist in operational improvement. We covered technical part of development of their new website via our partner, Elegant Digital. New site uses Pimcore CMS as a backbone, with Contentful (content-as-a-service) for ease of client content management. Large effort has been put into the infrastructure and CI/CD automation to tackle many situations traditionally occuring while running enterprise websites like this. We use multiple environments and do auto syncing between them, allow safe production deployment with quick restore capability etc.

Second area with equally high importance is front-end, which has been tailor-made from client-provided designs, with focus in visual dynamics, responsiveness and performance. For that purpose we use very latest innovations in browser features to accomplish the best possible outcome.



  • Custom CMS 3OS with ecommerce features
  • Symfony for backend tasks
  • modern and dynamic front-end with focus in responsiveness and performance

Renocar is the largest BMW dealers in Czechia. They needed a very reliable and professional solution for their online presence, which is why they partnered with
uLab for online marketing and Kurzor for site design & development. According to initial online strategy, we designed the site to exactly meet the specifications required, employing our own trusted designer to do the new layout.

Site has been developed with our custom CMS 3OS, which has been largely updated to majorly improve speed and security of the solution. Site also contains a lot of hidden functionality that does sync daily with Renocar backend infrastructure to keep the site content up-to-date. Front-end has been developed in a modern way with a lot of focus in responsiveness and performance. The site also provides simple editing capabilities for Renocar team to easily create rich and complex presentations of many existing and new upcoming BMW models.

RI Okna


  • Custom CMS 3OS
  • Vue.js
  • modern front-end design with complete responsiveness

RI Okna is the second largest Czech manufacturer of plastic windows and doors. The original website presented a barrier for their growth, which is why they partnered with uLab for online marketing and Kurzor for technical production, in order to make a new, modern site. Our responsibility was to provide wireframes and design of the site and after approval, we continued with development, using our custom-made CMS 3OS.

Front-end was notably optimized for full responsiveness of the site in most existing devices at the time. An interesting part is the client inquiry form which allows to specify customer's needs before a final order is placed in whatever detail the customer chooses. This part was developed in Vue.js and contains many good parts, such as the impossibility of losing your data between site browsing or simple, hassle-free submission with the goal of sending the client's precious data to RI Okna, no matter the missing parts.

After launch, many country-based versions of the site were also cloned from the Czech site, and interconnection exists between the sites for most important technical data to simplify site management. English version is waiting for it's development.



  • Custom CMS 3OS
  • modern front-end design with complete responsiveness

COMINFO is a Czech manufacturer of turnstiles and gates with global outreach. We were approached by them with the wish of modernizing their current site. We provided initial analysis, wireframes and design, and after approval developed the site using our custom CMS 3OS. Many content-based functionalities were developed tailor-made to simplify the process of site management for the client's web team.

Front-end has a modern look and was developed with responsiveness in mind. Later the original site was reflected in individual country and area versions, interconnected between each other. We are still in touch with the client, discussing development of new features and optimizations, mostly with the internationalization of the site in mind.

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