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PHP is the most frequently used server-side programming language for websites these days with almost 80% market share. It is followed by ASP.NET with 10% and Ruby + Java with over 3%. PHP is suitable for applications of various sizes. However, developers select Java for enterprise-scale projects.

PHP interpreter has made a quantum leap over the past years mainly because of their core team which has rewritten and refactored the old code heavily. This is the reason why the most recent version of PHP 7 has a great performance boost, especially on most open CMSs like WordPress. Together with a good configuration of MySQL database server applications, it can work like a charm.

PHP developers specialization at Kurzor

  • administration interfaces with common CRUD logic - create / update / delete actions on database objects
  • communication with creation of REST APIs
  • integration with 3rd party services using various types of APIs
  • web crawlers and web scraping scripts
  • plugins for open source CMS and e-commerce solutions like WordPress, Drupal, Magento

Benefits of outsourcing PHP developers:

  • for new application development, PHP has the best cost/benefit ratio, mainly because of good frameworks, tools, and many talented developers,
  • PHP is the most common server-side technology,
  • if you have legacy code, it is very possible that it is written in PHP and we can help you improve/extend/refactor it.


A good PHP developer needs to know at least some widespread frameworks like Symfony, Zend or Slim. The core principles are mostly the same across those PHP frameworks. That makes it easier for a developer to learn new frameworks. At Kurzor we use Symfony, Slim and lately PIMCORE, a digital platform built on Symfony.

What Every Good PHP Developer Should Understand

To become a good PHP developer, you need to have:

  • Good knowledge of OOP principles,
  • experience writing scalable, optimal code which is fast enough,
  • and adherence to the principles of application security.


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