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Real estate scraper


  • Slim framework 3
  • Doctrine
  • AWS
  • Chrome driver / Selenium
  • various Chrome scraping extensions

US based company asked us to develop tool which will help them to obtain data about more than 100.000 properties. The solution was not too easy as such property addresses are harvested from more than 150 different sites, mainly investment banks. Tool is a part of large scale React JS application which allows users to manage their investment portfolio, find best real estate first-minute offers and take a loans. Whole solution is utilizing Amazon Web Services in the largest scale possible. We developed scalable scraping, API and database architecture which takes advantage of parallel PHP tasks execution via multiple task queues.



  • Nette and Slim frameworks
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • LESS
  • Java (Android application)

Goal of Clouxo service is to offer a solution which allows customer to manage whole company at one place. It combines data storage, e-mail client, tasks together with invoicing and warehouse management module. Part of the solution was Android Point of Sale application allowing to sell goods in restaurants and shops. Web service contains API written in Slim Framework which serves as a communication point to POS mobile application.

Balte Levneji


  • proprietary CMS 3OS with an admin divided for internal and external users
  • VPN security
  • server generated PDF is a web portal developed for TART corporation. It has two primary goals: the public part aggregates and publishes information about various possibilities of industrial and commercial packaging, and the VPN secured intranet serves as an organizing tool for individual business cases for company sales representatives. It makes it possible to filter various business cases and to quickly find the one that helps the sales representative show their expertise to a potential customer.

A small investment in building this app helped TART corporation solve the issue of replacing experienced and knowledgeable representatives with new hires that lacked the expertise and deep understanding of complex packaging systems.



  • prorietary CMS with server generated PDF files
  • Highcharts for interactive data
  • 15-minute data import from XML is a corporate website of GEEN Holding, czech-based energy solution provider. Internally we built a website for them, which transformed into corporate portal for not only the global holding pages, but also of their subsidiaries, in 3 languages. Most interesting part is the integration with live energy production data from GEEN power plants. We collect the data every 15 minutes, producing live charts including summaries, malfunction events, and PDF report that is sent in regular intervals to subscribers.



  • Zend 1 framework
  • Angular JS
  • LESS . is an application featuring a directory of language courses and language school all over the Czech Republic. The portal features a detailed filtering option of courses, lecturers and schools based on city, language, start date, proficiency level, frequency of lectures and many other parameters. The website itself is built on an enhanced Zend framework and uses JavaScript framework Angular JS now widely popular but only starting back when the site was created. At the beginning we used for generating API which was only in beta version then.

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