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  • React for front-end
  • Node.js GraphQL API server
  • React Native
  • PostgreSQL
  • Auth0
  • GCP

Our work on Plotify was a subcontract delivery for Oak's Lab. It’s a real estate marketplace mobile app, where investors can invest into a property to gain equity, without any additional hassle. Mobile app for iOS and Android, and Client facing website are connected to client Node.js GraphQL API. Mobile app also contains custom chat function that serves as customer support and is connected to Admin portal. The Admin portal is utilized by Plotify employees to prepare properties for the exchange, customer support and content management. The Admin portal is connected to separate Node.js GraphQL API. Both APIs are connected to same PostrgreSQL database hosted on GCP Cloud SQL service. Authentization is provided by Auth0.



  • JavaScript
  • Less
  • Node.js / npm packaging
  • Flux-based action

Tellmaps are merging map display, rankings, charts, and narrative in an easy to use interface used by UNESCO, IMF, IEA and others. Tellmaps are an attractive way to introduce data rich topics to varied audiences. Our job was redesigning the frontend into responsive layout and upgrading the whole system to new modern architecture heavily inspired by React and Flux libraries. Tellmaps is a typical example of a project where communication and common understanding is the key to success, since we work within an international team located in various parts of Europe.



  • React for front-end
  • Symfony based GraphQL API server
  • MySQL
  • Auth0
  • AWS
  • Aurora

Our work on Aperture was a subcontract delivery for Oak's Lab. Aperture is a U.S based servise for buying, repairing and selling real estate, with loan servicing. Client-facing front-end application allows customers to submit apply for a loan, sell their houses to, or buy repaired houses from Aperture. Internal front-end application let’s Aperture employees administer customers’ requests and deal with whole house flip workflow. Both front-ends are connected GraphQL API controlling the Aurora database, importing data from associated scraper, and triggering actions e.g. email notifications.

Water Safety Tool


  • React / Redux for front-end
  • Slim-based API server
  • MySQL
  • generating DOCX
  • linked to Google Drive

Water Safety Tool is an application developed for simple risk management of water consumption in hospitals across the U.S. It's a React/Redux single-page app linked to API controlling the database. Important features include the optimization for tablets and running in an offline mode with data synchronization after re-connection to the Internet.

The application generates DOCX files and automatically sends them to Google Drive. Currently, a conversion to React Native is being implemented, exploiting shared code benefits.

MVP for pitch presentations


For an UK-based company we developed a MVP of a web application, that was supposed to test out a business idea of pitching new investment opportunities. Client provided wireframes and basic design ideas and we built a model using the Single Page Application model. Backend REST API is powered by AWS and node.js lambdas, authentication handled by Auth0, and we also use a bunch of other services such as SendGrid. The front-end side is completely written in a combination of React / Redux, with Google Material UI styles being used for the final look.

The goal was to make the presentation look like a deck of cards, each one with various aspect of the presented project. A lot of effort was put it to make the editing look like just another view of the final presentation, to be as interactive as possible. The project is on hold now, as client is seeking ways to fund the prototype for further development.

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