Wordpress - The Most Popular CMS

Wordpress is the most popular open-source CMS (Content Management System) in the world. Initially a blogging system in 2003, it matured and evolved into an industry standard for all kinds of websites. It has a huge community which provides plugins and themes to enhance the Wordpress experience for all its users.

Main features of Wordpress

  • Open-source CMS powered by PHP / MySQL

  • Simple and quick setup for basic website functionalities

  • Ease of content administration with publishing tools

  • Unmatched world-wide usage over any other open-source CMS


  • Well-known system - it is easy to get developer support

  • Freedom of choice - huge amount of customization options via plugins and themes

  • Stability and system maturity of latest versions


  • Performance - large sites need optimizations to work well

  • Security - frequent target of attacks and exploits due to familiarity

  • Custom development harder due to co-existence in an open system with many plugins

Based on Wordpress

Kurzor and Wordpress

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