Web Application

Web Application (sometimes Web App) is a software that runs on a web server, and is able to be interpreted by clients connecting to it via a web browser. They are usually divided into front-end and backend parts.


What is considered a Web application

  • Web applications are providing online services to the users.

  • They must be running on a web server and offer an accessible web-based entry point to be classified as such.

  • Technically, most Open-source CMS are also specialized kind of a Web application.

Special cases of Web applications with regard to Mobile environment

  • Progressive Web Apps

    Web Apps that load like regular web pages / websites, but offer non-web functionality such as working offline or having device hardware access.

  • Hybrid Apps

    They work by embedding a Website or Web Application into a native application, either directly, or programmatically via a specialized framework. Their benefit is cross-device development with one shared application code.

  • Native Apps

    Native apps are not Web Apps, but rather standard-format apps of a given device, with the disadvantage of being specifically tied to a given device ecosystem.

Web Applications and Kurzor

With Kurzor you will be able to hire a developer to implement a web application for you in PHP or JavaScript.

One of our core services is Web Application development.

We describe our capabilities with Web applications in more depth in our Tech Stack.

Our PHP Portfolio and JavaScript Portfolio has many examples of Web Apps.

Web Applications are obviously a topic in our blog articles:


Need help with Web Applications?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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