React - The User Interface Library

React - also formerly known as ReactJS or React.js - is a Javascript-based library ideal for building user interfaces. Developed by Facebook and released for public in 2013, it is a very popular choice for creating web applications, ranging from simple to complex.

What is React

  • Primarily a client-side technology oriented on user interface composition.
  • Allows server-side rendering and can be used outside of web platforms - React Native.
  • Is usually coupled with external business logic solution. Typicaly is connected with:
    • Redux - a predictable state container
    • MobX - simple, scalable state management
    • Apollo GraphQL - complete data platform based on GraphQL


  • Very popular - large developer base available
  • Ongoing development and support from Facebook
  • Fast, scalable and performance-optimized


  • Large number of architectural decisions makes React harder to master for new developers
  • Fast-paced progress requires developers to learn new things constantly

Based on React

  • Gatsby - open source static website generator

    Gatsby is using React to design the website from components. It employs server-side rendering and node.js based tools to create a static version of the site, for blazing fast loading times.

  • Next.js - The React Framework

    Fully-fledged framework taking care of every aspect of the web application. It uses server-side rendering to a great deal to improve SEO of the application.

React and Kurzor

You can Hire our JavaScript Developers to directly help you with React.

React and related technologies are a part of our Tech Stack.

React projects are essential part of our Portfolio.

We have several articles on our Blog concerning React:


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