GraphQL - the API Query Language

GraphQL is a query language which is used for backend and front-end communication in web applications. It has the benefit of being able to return exactly the data combination the application is asking for without unnecessary requests. GraphQL is most widely used as a part of a React application stack.

What is GraphQL

  • Generally considered a successor to the REST API principles.

  • Developed in 2012 in Facebook, it was battle-tested as a part of the Facebook website and then publicly released in 2015.

  • GraphQL is just a language, so to start working with it you need some supporting library on both backend and front-end parts of your app.


  • Good fit for apps with complex systems and microservice dependencies.

  • Tailored network requests to get exactly the data you look for.

  • Validation and type-checking inherently part of the API.


  • Learning curve is not optimal, especially for newcomers.

  • You need extra layers in your front-end and backend to work with GraphQL comfortably.

GraphQL is usually used as a part of

GraphQL and Kurzor

You can Hire our JavaScript Developers to directly help you with GraphQL-based apps.

GraphQL and derived frameworks are a part of our Tech Stack.

There are some examples in our portfolio built on GraphQL.

Need help with GraphQL?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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