Next.js - The React Framework

Next.js is a framework for building a complete web application with React from scratch. Since 2011 it has matured into one of the most useful frameworks for React. Special focus is on page speed performance and SEO of developed systems.

What is Next.js based on

  • Server-side rendering - statically pre-rendering parts of your application to increase performance.

  • Quick and powerful page-based routing with prefetching.

  • Numerous API and integration possibilities.


  • Very fast page load speeds due to numerous optimizations

  • Support for integrations via GraphQL

  • Simplified developer experience via tutorials and well crafted docs


  • Lacks backend features such as database logic

  • Might not fit well in all scenarios - overkill for simple apps

Next.js and Kurzor

You can hire our developers who have active experience with Next.js

We have Next.js in our Tech stack

In several projects, Next.js was our framework of choice.

Need help with Next.js?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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