Redux - A Predictable State Container for JS Apps

Redux is a JavaScript library that manages state of the web application in order to behave consistently. It is very often used in React applications for data management. Created in 2015 based on Facebook’s Flux, it is still widely used and new development is ongoing, adapting to new features from React.

What does Redux offer

  • Centralized method of managing all state in your application

  • Easy debugging with complete history, undo and redo capabilities

  • Inherent separation of concerns to greatly simplify automated tests


  • Simple to learn small library

  • Widely adopted with large community

  • Addons for integration with most UI frameworks in JavaScript


Redux is not ideal for all scenarios. Does not scale well with:

  • Apps with a lot of side effects such as network requests

  • Apps processing huge data sets with a lot of changes

Redux and Kurzor

You can Hire our JavaScript Developers to directly help you with Redux-based apps.

Redux and related technologies are a part of our Tech Stack.

Several projects we did in the past used Redux.

Need help with Redux?

Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to consult your project and recommend a viable strategy or cooperation.

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