About us

We are a small and young company established in 2010 by Jan, Marek and Petr. Our philosophy is that small means efficient, flexible, and more effective than big corporations. If you do business with us, you speak directly to the owners and the decision is always just a phone call away.

Developers work in the heart of Brno downtown in a beautiful art-nouveau building from the late 19th century. Since the building's original function was a bank for miners, we are inspired by a life-size bust of a hard-working miner every day we pass through the entrance :-) Developers enjoy an unlimited supply of good coffee, brain nutrients like chocolate, nuts and fruit. We provide a sleep lounge with sofa and bean bags for productivity naps. 

How we got started

Year 2010, beginning of a hot summer. A small creative agency, where all three founders were employed, was facing bankrupcy. We decided it was time to stand on our own feet and base our new company on a simple principle: provide only those services which we can deliver in high quality and say no to distractions in a form of nice-to-have projects for which we did not have enough competencies.

Our prime type of a project was building websites at the beginning. Complemented by a marketing strategy, UX, user testing and other additional services, which ensured our clients received not only a pretty website, but a fine-tuned business tool. 

In 2012 we grew over and beyond the borders of the Czech market and started working for clients in Germany, Ireland, UK and the USA. Projects changed to more complicated websites and gradually mostly to web applications.

Since then, we started to advance our company towards outsourcing management and providing developers to any corner of the world and serving clients in various countries.


  • 15+ years experience with website development
  • proven track record with clients in USA, GB, IE, CH, FR, NL, DE, PL, CZ
  • skilled project managers with international outsourcing experience
  • frequent, clear and concise communication
  • competitive prices

Core skills

  • Application prototyping
  • Programming
  • Code testing
  • UX design
  • Graphic design
  • Responsive design
  • Outsourcing management
  • Project management


Brno is prominent IT city in the Central Europe region thanks to vast number of skilled people. “We have access to brilliant engineering and research talent,” said AVG’s chief executive, J.R. Smith. Read more.

Brno is currently housing: IBM, Red Hat, NetSuite, SolarWinds, AVG, Avast, Infosys, 2K, Acer, GigaByte technology, Honeywell Controls, FEI, Siemens, Minolta, Daikin Industries, Lufthansa, Accenture, Monster and many more.

Brno can be accessed within two hours drive from Vienna or Prague, has relaxed atmosphere and young vibe thans to the fact that 25% of population are students from local  universities. The fact that best local brews cost only 2€ per glass also helps, and makes business trips far more entertaining.


Current team has 15 members and grows every quarter. Read more about Petr, Marek and Jan, who are equal owners and operating executives at Kurzor:

Petr Gogolín

Petr Gogolín / Sales and Marketing

Petr earned his masters in strategic management at British Nottingham Trent University. He went to business in high school already, gaining experience from leading Czech entrepreneurs. He is responsible for strategy, sales and spreading unconventional wisdom about the benefits of sleep and beer at work.

Petr loves ultramarathons, exploring new food (the last one was raw whale, he recommends it!) and reading biographies of great statesmen and entrepreneurs.

Experience: 13 years in sales and building a business.
+420 776 346 943 LinkedIn

Marek Gach

Marek Gach / Head of development

Marek earned his masters in applied information science and then went for a doctorate. Two years later he realized that business is more fun and now he is our head of development. His core competencies are PHP development, project management and white-hat hacking security of Czech leading websites.

Marek loves good wine, women, Thai box – don't be alarmed by occasional black eye while on Skype - and singing.

Experience: 10 years in PHP development.
+420 725 475 981 LinkedIn

Honza Malý

Jan Malý / Websites and UX

Jan earned his masters in electrical engineering and spent another four years in academia. He is co-author of several published international research papers. His competencies include interaction design, usability and overseeing the seamless process of website creation.

Jan loves trains – his fall-back career is a train conductor, heading out for treks in the woods, computer games, and he also appreciates good food.

Experience: 15 years in website production.
+420 722 211 443 LinkedIn


Social responsibility

We believe that as we grow as a company, we should help those who are less fortunate. We usually help charities working with kids, elderly or severly disabled people. These are the great organizations we support:

Liga vozíčkářů
SOS Children's Villages Brno
Ratolest Brno
Ratolest Brno, an organization helping youth in inner cities
SOS Dětské vesničky
Association for people on wheelchairs

Ruka pro život o.p.s., an organization helping mentaly disabled

Hospic sv. Alžběty Brno, an organization providing palliative care

LORM – Society for the deafblind